Visa regulations


                                            by the Consular Department of Kazakhstan

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Kazakhstan, the government of Kazakhstan has temporarily suspended its unilateral visa-free regime for citizens of 57 states, including the United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland, starting from 17 April 2020 to1 May 2021.

The 72-hour visa-free regime has also been suspended for Chinese and Indian nationals who transit through the international airports of Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Shymkent, Aktau, Karaganda and Taraz until 30 December 2020.

The above means that the citizens of the UK, Ireland and Iceland who are planning to visit Kazakhstan before 1 May 2021 will need to obtain a visa of the appropriate category at one of the consular offices of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for example, at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in London.

All Kazakh visas will be issued in accordance with the current rules of issuing visas of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Please note that citizens of 48 countries, including the UK, Ireland and Iceland, have the right to obtain a single-entry visa to Kazakhstan without a formal letter of invitation (visa support) in the following categories:

— Service (A3) — duration of stay 90 days

— Business (B1) — duration of stay 60 days

— Business (B3) — duration of stay 30 days

— Private (B10) — duration of stay 90 days

— Tourist (B12) — duration of stay 30 days 

For all other visa categories, citizens of the above countries will need to provide a formal letter of invitation (visa support) issued via the immigration agency in the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the exceptions specified in the Rules of Issuing Visas of the Republic of Kazakhstan (for more details please contact the Consular Office of the Embassy of Kazakhstan or visit the Embassy website).


Citizens of 60 countries DO NOT NEED visa to enter Kazakhstan. Depending on the nationality foreign citizens have visa-free stay from 14 up to 90 day. In all other cases, foreign citizens should apply for visa at the diplomatic representations of Kazakhstan. Residents of 5 countries do not need LOI (Letter of Invitation)/Visa Support provided by the travel agency. The following links provide detailed insight into visa issues.

List of the countries, which signed agreements with the Republic of Kazakhstan on a visa-waiver for holders of different types of passport

1. Australia up to 30 days

2. Austria up to 30 days

3. Azerbaijan up to 30 days

4. Argentina up to 30 days

5. Armenia up to 90 days

6. Belgium up to 30 days

7. Bulgaria up to 30 days

8. Brazil up to 30 days

9. Belarus up to 90 days

10. UK up to 30 days

11. Hungary up to 30 days

12. Germany up to 30 days

13. Hong Kong (PRC) up to

14 days 14. Greece up to 30 days

15. Georgia up to 90 days

16. Denmark up to 30 days

17. Israel up to 30 days

18. Ireland up to 30 days

19. Iceland up to 30 days

20. Spain up to 30 days

21. Italy up to 30 days

22. Canada up to 30 days

23. Cyprus up to 30 days

24. Kyrgyzstan up to 90 days 

25. Latvia up to 30 days

26. Lithuania up to 30 days

27. Luxembourg up to 30 days

 28. Malaysia up to 30 days

29. Malta up to 30 days

30. Mexico up to 30 days Australia 

up to 30 days

31. Moldova up to 90 days

32. Monaco up to 30 days

33. Mongolia up to days

34. Netherlands up to 30 days

35. New Zealand up to 30 days

36. Norway up to 30 days

37. UAE up to 30 days

38. Poland up to 30 days

39. Portugal up to 30 days

40. Russia up to 90 days

41. Romania up to 30 days

42. Serbia up to 30 days

43. Singapore up to 30 days

44. Slovakia up to 30 days

45. Slovenia up to 30 days

46. USA up to 30 days

47. Tajikistan up to 30 days

48. Turkey up to 30 days

49. Ukraine up to 30 days

50. Finland up to 30 days

51. France up to 30 days

52. Croatia up to 30 days

53. Czech Republic up to 30 days

54. Chili up to 30 days

55. Switzerland up to 30 days

56. Sweden up to 30 days

57. Estonia up to 30 days

58. Uzbekistan up to 30 days

59. South Korea up to 30 days (up 

to 60 days within 180 days)

60. Japan up to 30 days

Visa and Visa Support

If your country is not in the visa free list, you need to apply for it at the Embassies and Consulates
of Kazakhstan. In order to apply for visa, firstly, you need to obtain LOI (Letter of Invitation a.k.a
Visa support) from a travel agency. Visa support procedure takes two weeks. After, you will
apply for visa at the nearest Kazakh embassy.

Documents required for the Kazakhstan visa:

1. Copy of the first two pages of their passport a valid passport (or international travel

2. A copy of their Kazakhstan visa support (invitation letter) with a notification of their visa
support number by the DCS of the MFA (or the original individual invitation issued by
the Police)

3. the completed visa application form and

4. 1 passport-size photo;

5. Fee, payable on collection of visa

6. For 5 days transit visas, the visa of the destination country and onward ticket (or a
reservation) is required.

7. Hotel booking confirmation

8. International flight booking confirmation.
The passport should not expire earlier than six months after the validity term of the requested
visa. Other necessary documents will be determined by the consul at the time of application.
Visas are issued within 7 calendar days from the day of presenting all documents. Documents
are accepted with a visa support letter from the Diplomatic-consular service of the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Citizens of the following countries are eligible to obtain visa without a Letter of Invitation (LOI,
a.k.a Visa Support) if they are applying for single-entry visas of categories A1, A2, B1, B2, D1 and
G1, as well as single and double entry visa of category F1.
1. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
2. The State of Qatar
3. Principality of Liechtenstein
4. The Sultanate of Oman
5. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Where to apply for Kazakhstan Visa?
1. You can apply for the Kazakhstan visa outside of Kazakhstan where Kazakhstan Embassy
or Consulate exist
2. The citizens of the foreign countries that do not need the letter of invitation can also
obtain a tourist visa on arrival at consular posts of the MFA at Astana, Almaty, Atyrau,
Uralsk and Ust-Kamenogorsk airports with special applications of travel agencies to the
DCS of the MFA.

Please note, it takes from 5 working days and more to obtain visa invitation letter through MFA
of Kazakhstan, depending on a citizenship. By the new rules, some of countries might be sent to
main MFA in Astana and it will take longer time to obtain a visa invitation letter.
Documents for visa support letter are taken by MFA not later than 14 days before the beginning
of a tour.

Diplomatic Missions of Kazakhstan Abroad
Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Vienna, Austria
Botschaft von Kasachstan
Felix-Mottl-Str. 23, A-1190
Phone: +431- 367-66-57-1177
Fax: +431-367-66-57-20

Embassy of Kazakhstan in Baku, Azerbaijan
Inglab Street Quartal 889, D. 82 Akad Hasan Aliyev Street
1000 Baku
Phone: (99412)-906521, (99412)-906248
Fax: (+994-12) 4906249

Embassy of Kazakhstan in Minsk, Belarus
Kuybisheva 12 Str. 220029
Phone: (+375-17) 2349937, 2133026
Fax: (+375-17) 2349650

Embassy of Kazakhstan in Brussels, Belgium
Avenue van Bever 30
Phone: +32 (0)2 374 9562, +32 (0)2 373 3890, +32 (0)2 373 3896 (Consular section)
Fax: +32 (0)2 374 5091

Diplomatic Mission of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Sofia, Bulgaria
Lozenets Galishiza 38 Str.
Phone: +3592-862-41-52, 862-41-55
Fax: +3592-862-41-70

Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Ottawa, Canada
56 Hawthorne Ave., K1S 0B1
Phone: +1-613-788-37-05; 788-37-05
Fax: +1-613-788-37-02

Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Beijing, China
9 Dong 6 Jie, San Li Tun,Beijing, 100600,
Phone: 86-10-65326182 / 65324189 ext. 11
Fax: +8610-653-26-183